We can Enhance Your Music Video

Today it would be very difficult to find a music video without a Visual Effects work on it. It has become an industry standard that provides endless possibilities. Visual Effects doesn’t always mean fancy out-of-this-world graphics. Sometimes simple things such as color grading on certain rotoscoped elements, or minor beauty work and even frame clean up, will fall under the VFX work.
Only a good idea for visuals is what it takes. Everything else can be achieved throughout today’s CG technology with the right team behind the work.
So, do you need a VFX for your music video? If the answer is “Yes”, then let our creative team handle the task. At 351 Studio, we offer multiple types of Music Video VFX services.

Music Video Enhancement

You are not satisfied with your music video? We can improve the overall production by doing additional enhancements to your existing music video and increase the production level. We can also add graphics elements & add dynamics to boring shots.

Video Editing & Color Grading

Not so long ago Facebook implemented a great new feature. You can use video as a Cover on your Facebook Page. This is great if you aim to get a maximum branding on your social media. We know the specs, and we will do a great video for your Facebook page cover.

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