Projects Spotlight May ‘19

May 2, 2019

Choosing our top 5 works done in the previous month sounds like a pretty simple task, but for all of us at the marketing department of 351 Studio, it’s not that simple.

Our team of 35 in-house artists and animators constantly give their best to make our work as hard as it can be. We were beginning to think that they hate us, but even though, we are so grateful to have all of them as our colleagues.

As always, May is reserved for the first summer hits which announced the start of the summer parties. Besides them, we have worked on some different projects which required advanced VFX and editing, which confirms the variety of options we offer.

But, let’s check the list Oliver Tree‘s new single Fuck was our first choice. We were asked to black out the logo from Oliver Tree’s jacket, but we were resolved to go one step further and completely remove the logo from his jacket. We knew that we chose the harder and the most demanding way but in the end it worth it. A team of several artists spent several days to go frame by frame and paint the background, so in several days they reworked 4584 frames.



The start of the summer is very present in the overall style of the collage music video we created for the super famous Swiss House DJ Antoine and his new summer hit Good Vibes (Good Feeling) featuring Craig Smart.

This month in the Live Footage category the spotlight is reserved for the well known American Rock Band – Skillet and their first song “Legendary” of the new upcoming album Victorious. For this project, we incorporated their bombastic live shows into a lyric video while still incorporating the artwork as well and focused more on moments where you can see how huge and loud the onstage energy is.

For all of you 80’ and 90’ kids we have the American Rock Band – Live+ And for their long-awaited song “Hold Me Up” we did a music video with some key lyrics here and there, The band’s idea for the concept video was: The overall vibe to be saturated, maybe even sepia-ish…slow sweeps and zooms of a man and woman’s hands clasped together, maybe holding each other…dancing moving…keep abstract, distressed photo looking. Conceptual and abstract over a literal lyric video. Drop in lyrics in key moments or when the timing feels most poignant. And so we did.

When it comes to Promo Videos it was our great pleasure to work with the rising star Aurora in producing a series of Promotional Teaser videos for the new album “A Different Kind Of Human” which is coming out in June and designing 11 teasers for all of the songs in the album. The theme was supposed to be mysterious and artistic synced to the music, without adding in extraneous effects, colors.

You can check out how all of the mentioned above looks, in the video below 🙂
We have more exciting projects coming up in June so stay tuned!