Project Spotlight September’19

September 2, 2019

Getting back from the sunny beaches, summer tours, and concerts directly into the studios, the artists and the bands from all over the globe had a pretty busy September, interpreting their emotions in new songs which already occupied the world charts. Feeling all these emotions and energy, we couldn’t stop producing great videos, which constantly exceeded the expectations of our clients. But, not only the clients had nice words for our work, we got a ton of positive feedback and comments from the audience, vloggers, and influencers. Their comments have a huge impact on creating this September Top 5 list, but as usual, we include some videos which disclose our added value and competence.

SHAED X ZAYN – Trampoline
Zayn is one of the hottest names in the music industry nowadays, so we grabbed with both hands the possibility of creating a video for his latest collaboration with Shaed on the song “Trampoline”. The total creative freedom and the extremely tight deadline were additional motivation to the whole team who created this phenomenal video in record time.

Cloonee – On Ya Marks
Even though this is not the first time to use the official artwork as an inspiration, this was really special work so its place on this list is more than deserved. Besides the great 3D work, this is a great example of how simple text animations can be fitted into a super modern 3D video.

Kayo Genesis – Wah Wah Wah
The typical lipsync videos can be a bit boring, but this is not a case with Kayo Genesis’ “Wah Wah Wah” video. Our drawing artists and animators developed a great visual concept that matches the lyrics and emphasizes the story behind the song in a very creative way

Keanu Silva & Mo Falk – You Got The Love
Keanu Silva & Mo Falk did an amazing remix on The Source and Candi Staton’s song You’ve Got the Love. The new electronic dance vibe of the song required new and modern visuals, so the 3D style was the perfect choice for it. The custom 3D scenes perfectly synchronized to the song, and the futuristic text brings you to another dimension while you are listening to the famous chorus from the ’80s.

Marina – Superstar (acoustic video)
Not only in the nights, but the shadows can also be scary on the set too, especially when the release date is two days away. The shadows did some strange morphing on Marina’s body, so we need to do some VFX magic to fix that quickly. It was a bit challenging, but the satisfaction of the finished job is still enormous.

Check it out!