Project Spotlight July’19

July 2, 2019

July was a extremely hot on the northern hemisphere. Besides in the air and on the asphalt, we felt the heat in our offices as well. The possibility to put our creativity in service of some of the hottest artists at the moment have definitely increased the temperature in our office to a boiling point. But as always, it was worth it. Again, we had a chance to express our creativity and to prove the variety of our work by creating some great lyric videos and animated music videos.

Below are our favorites:

YBN Nahmir – Fuck It Up (feat. City Girls & Tyga)
Asked to put some cool HYPE/HIP HOP style stuff over the footage of a sexy girl dancing on the tennis court made our drawing artists sweat. Of course, they enjoyed the process, so now it’s our time to get wet, oh sorry, to enjoy this video.

Why Don’t We – I Still Do
Why Don’t We’s fans from all around the globe were super happy when they saw their favorite band members in the lyric video for their newest single “I Still Do”. This idea never gets old, and always offers different approaches and creative solutions. The ‘80s pop art style was a really good decision cause the video looks really fresh and modern.

Armin van Buuren & Luke Bond feat. KARRA – Revolution
Dedicated to all revolutionary inventions, people and events from the last few centuries, Armin Van Buuren and Luke Bonds’s song featured with KARRA called “Revolution” is revolutionary by it self, same as the video we made. In less than 4 minutes, we incorporated the most iconic events, people, inventions, so definitely you’ll recognize most of the scenes you are going to see in this video.

Luke Bond feat. Tyler Graves – Left Of Us
From great story-line to perfect animated music video. Thanks to the strong believe and creative freedom we got from Armada’s team, we were able to picture this great love story which perfectly match the vibe of Luke Bond and Tyler Graves song “Left Of Us”. Briefly, it’s a happy ending love story for two souls who came from the universe and entered in a the bodies of despite boy and girl.

Chocolate Puma & Antranig – Blam!
Based on an abstract collage vibe, for Chocolate Puma & Antranig song “Blam” we create an infinite space, dimension-ed with grids and shapes. We used elements from the artwork placed in the deepness of the infinite space along with other shapes and cropped images. The overall color scheme was also taken from the artwork, while the lens flares on the top of the video emphasizes the dynamic of the song.