Miquela – Machine feat Teyana Taylor – (Official Animated Lyric Video) Project Breakdown 

May 27, 2020
Project Breakdown/Case Study
Artist: Miquela
Client: Brud.fyi
We’ve created a visual resume by incorporating Miquela’s branding through the roll-out. From the hero asset to real time socials and stills, Miquela’s color palette is anchored in the exploitation’s, and provides a visual cue for anyone on her grid. The color palette is reflected in the lyric video’s color language, styling, and environment.
Lyric Video Creative Pillars – Story: 
The lyric video is centered around themes of jewelry, think Uncut Gems meets New Top Jewelry, NYC’s it girl stop for custom jewelry. The story-line is that Miquela enters a kiosk and interacts with shop owners as she looks through jewels and is adorned in them.
Mom and pop kiosk shop, Jewelry Mart in the Jewelry District, etc.
-Custom jewelry (pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.) spelling out lyrics
-Custom motion graphic text overlay
-Coastal girls – R&B cool
Additional considerations:
-The first 30 seconds of the video include Miquela and lead with action first.
-From a data perspective, narratives about love do best. These interests intersect between Miquela and Teyana fans: shoes, basketball, love…
Suggested Cartoon Character 
Client Preferred Style 3
Head Animation Rig – Multiple Angles – Facial Expressions – Lip Sync – Hair Rig Included

Drawing Process Breakdown
Creative Lyric Placements – Lyric Shaped Jewelry 
Breakdown Videos :

Miquela – Machine (feat. Teyana Taylor) [Animation Breakdown Process 1] from 351 Studio on Vimeo.

Miquela – Machine (feat. Teyana Taylor) [Animation Breakdown Process 2] from 351 Studio on Vimeo.

Miquela – Machine (feat. Teyana Taylor) [Animation Breakdown Process 3] from 351 Studio on Vimeo.