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Audio Visualizer Video

This is a great way to present your song in an dynamic visual style. If you are asking yourself how to promote my music on YouTube, this is the right cheap way. It’s a way better then just creating a static video with a cover art and song in background!

We approach the audio visualizer production very carefully, by analyzing the song vibe, dynamics and rhythm. Based on those specifics we will create a perfect audio visualizer that will reflect the mood of the song. If you have a cover art design, we can incorporate that into the visualizer and even animate certain elements of it, if we get the layered file (Photoshop).

This service is perfect for a full album release on YouTube and other video streaming websites. It will brand the full release in a singular way and give your songs a great visual dynamic representation.

Promo Trailer Video

Promo Trailer Production is used to promote your next release. It can be used for an upcoming album, single, official music video or a lyric video. Alternatively it can be used to promote You, Your Label or Your Artists in general. Promo Trailer Video can be a crucial part of your next marketing campaign.

It works great in a combination of the latest Video Ads technology provided by YouTube or other Video Streaming services. Also it is very good tool to announce something via the social media and their video services. Possibilities are endless.

You just need a good promo video to be proud of, and we can deliver that! We can also include a professional Male or a Female voice over. Get a quote for a promo video of your next big thing.


  • Custom Design
  • Logos & Graphics Incorporated
  • Animated Lyrics (per line)
  • Perfectly Synced To The Music
  • Full HD
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 Days


  • Voiceover
  • Animated Text
  • Overlay Graphic Animations
  • Logos & Graphics Incorporated
  • Full HD
  • Delivery Time: 7-10 Days
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